Ross Flag

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

The Ross Flag is possibly one of the most debated stories in American History. Most Americans were “weened”on the quaint story of Betsy Ross being selected to design and sew the first American Flag. This however is purely fictional. Just who actually designed and made the “first” flag – is a list that still grows yearly since 1777! What is agreed on, is that a completed ”flag” was taken by General George Washington (with other delegates) to her Seamstress Shop in Philadelphia. Asked to “modify the flag”, Ross changed the standard 8-pointed star to a 5-pointed one. From this point, the flag featured 7 red stripes and 6 white stripes (totaling 13). The red (representing the blood shed) – the white (for purity). The upper left quadrant is blue (for the color of the heavens). Arranged in the blue field were 13 5-pointed white stars (each representing a “State” and former Colony). Although made official (after 1777) – it still took several years for the flag to be officially used by all former Colonies. Upon it's adoption, the general design of the flag has not changed in over 200 years. As “Territories” became “States”, a new white star was added (usually with 6 months the State in question's new status – and more than often having to “wait” until the New Year). There are currently 50 stars.