Portuguese Cacadore Infantry

  • The Napoleonic War
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By Crusader1307

Formed in Portugal in 1797, The Cacadore Infantry were very similar to the German Jager Rifle Regiments. They too were Hunters and Trappers. As "backwoods men" they had very special skills well suited for Scouting and Skirmishing. Speculated that The Cacadores were "born from" the fusion of The Royal Volunteers and The Light Troops Legion, after the defeat by The French during The Pyrenees War - the need for a disciplined and motivated Unit was important. Requesting British assistance, The Cacadores were formed. The Unit accepted only men with proven abilities as crack shot. So much so, that many were excellent long-distance shooters. The Cacadores may well have been one of the first Sniper Units. They were set apart from the Regular Army by their Brown and Tan uniforms. The Cacadores distinguished themselves against The French during The Peninsular War. They were nicknamed "The Fighting Cocks" for their similarity to the fighting game bird. Cacadores (in many forms) existed with The Portuguese Army until 1975.