''Pig's Head'' Formation

  • Ancient Rome
  • 1 min

By Crusader1307

Despite it's colorful name, the Ancient Roman Infantry Tactic known as The "Pig's Head", was used as a form of "advancing" a Formation on the battlefield  Seen in use around the 2nd Century AD, the Formation  resembled the head of a Pig (front view) at elevation (with the "Ears" extending downward). This was an important component to the usage of the tactic. A Wedge-shaped line if Roman Infantry was deployed to The front of an Enemy. Along the interior lines of The Wedge, wad a secondary shorter line of soldiers. This created a reinforcement to the Front positions. In the need of a "fall back", the "Pig's Ears" could "pull inwards", thus creating a Rear Closure of the Formation. This tactical Formation  was used with great success in Rome's African and Germania Campaigns.