Order of The Blessed Virgin Mary

  • Medieval Era
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By Crusader1307

Founded in 1261 AD as an off-shoot of several other Religious Orders, The Order of Blessed Virgin Mary was originally a Military Order, with limited combat service in The Crusades. It would quickly turn into a Lay (non-ordained) Organization. The goal of The Order was to provide for The Poor, Aged, sick and Dying. They were also one of the only Medieval Orders that allowed Women to join (and identified them as ''Female Knights'').


Pope Urban IV sanctioned The Order, authorizing them to carry weapons for defensive purposes only. This meant Knives, Daggers, etc. The Order is also known to History for the several Treaties during The Civil Wars between The Holy Roman Empire and various Northern Italian City States.


By the 15th Century however, The Order began to descend into Anarchy. Violations of The Orders Vows led The Order into being quite reviled by some. So much so, that noted Contemporary Writer Dante Alighieri mentioned The Order in His ''Divine Comedy'' – occupying The ''Eighth Circle of Hell''. These ''excesses'' would prompt Pope Sixtus V to disband them in 1558 AD.