Operation ''Castle Bravo''

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

The Code named ''Castle Bravo'' Nuclear Test was conducted in The Bikini Atoll of The Marshall Islands (South Pacific) on March 1, 1954. It was among the first Tests of American Thermonuclear weapons and was the most powerful of it's Cold War Nuclear Tests conducted. The 15-Megaton Test Weapon (Mark 7), was placed in a 24,000-pound Cylinder Housing placed on Namu Island. The resulting fireball was 4.5-miles high leaving an explosive crater that was 6.500-feet in diameter. A 7,000-mile contamination area was determined as a result of the detonation. The Device, 1,000 times more powerful than The Hiroshima and Nagaskai Devices used at the end of World War II, was only seconded by The Soviet Union's Test of The ''Tsar Bomb” in 1961. The Mark 7 Device detonation findings would lead to the development of The Mark 21 Device, of which 275 were produced and deployed.