Operation ''Aphrodite''

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

Operation ''Aphrodite'' was a US Naval Code term for covert testing and eventual deployment of precision guided munitions against Japanese heavily reinforced Coastal emplacements towards the end of World War II. Plans to deploy ''Aphrodite'' against European targets (German Submarine Pens and Hard Water experimental facilities) were planned.


Most of the experimental munitions used, early examples of Surface to Air and Air to Air weapons – were a complete failure based on the types of Aircraft (mostly) and deployment methods attempted. The average munitions weight was 30,000-pounds.


Hoping to match the successful British ''Grand Slam'' and ''Tall Boy'' Heavy Munitions Operations against Germany, ''Aphrodite'' fell prey to anti-aircraft (flak) and related counter-measures. By late 1944, most of The ''Aphrodite'' Missions were discontinued.


Of note, on of the most famous of The ''Aphrodite'' Deployments occurred in England in 1943, when a young Naval Aviator, Joseph Kennedy Jr. (brother of future US President John F. Kennedy) – was vaporized when is guided munitions deployment suddenly exploded prior to actual impact.