Nijo Castle

  • Medieval Asia
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By Crusader1307

Located in Kyoto, Japan – Nijo was built in 1626. Part of the Regional Shogunate plans to create many defensive structures in the event of civil war, all Nobility was ordered to construct castles and fortifications within his Region. Nijo was one of these Period defensive works. Originally designed as a 2-ringed Fort System, Nijo was given a series of innovative and progressively difficult to bypass Wet Moats. The entirety of this quasi-”Island Fortress” was surrounded by 6 to 10-feet thick stone Perimeter walls. A large Central Keep was also built on the center “island” (but was burnt down in 1750 by lighting). By 1833, a City-wide fire swept through and destroyed not only most of the City of Kyoto, by Kyoto Castle as well. Having been used as The Prince's Palace, his seat was transferred and Nijo was left abandoned. In 1939, major renovations were begun to restore Nijo to it's Feudal state. Nijo at it's heyday was considered a major social gathering point for Nobility and had as many as 55 inner structures.. Currently, many Meditation Gardens have been restored to their 17th Century appearance.