Narva Castle

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By Crusader1307

Sometimes referred to as Hermann Castle, it is located in Narva, Estonia. Construction began in the 14th Century. There is great debate among historians as to the actual age of the fortress. It is speculated that a Dane structure was in existence and that the current structure was simply added on later. Danish forces (under constant attack from Russia), renovated Narva. A large Bregfield-type central structure was built – surrounded by a high and low defensive perimeter wall system (designed to support the central structure more). In 1347, Narva fell under control of The Livonian Religious Military Order. They renovated the structure and added a Convent as well as several massive internal buildings. In addition, The Order added a defensive wall perimeter to connect Narva with it's adjacent City. The City wall lasted until 1777, when it was pulled down. Initially having 4 Drawbridge systems, the gates were made of solid iron. Possibly 7 defensive towers were at one time present. The towers were constructed to support cannon for defense of the fortress and the City. The Castle was destroyed and rebuilt several times during it's long history. What survives today is it's best version of it's appearance from around the 16th Century.

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