Nancy Hart

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

Nancy Hart was as much Legend as fact. She fits firmly in place along the likes of Molly Pitcher and Betsy Ross as a Heroine of The American Revolution. Her ''tale'' may have been an effective piece of Colonial Propaganda as well. Born perhaps in 1735 in North Carolina, Nancy was a true Colonial Frontierswoman. Well versed in surviving the harsh and wild environs of that Colony, Nancy could hunt, farm and perform a wide variety of tasks that many then, though only a Man could. She was described as somewhat ''plain'' to look upon. It was said she was unusually tall for a Woman of Her Era (at 5'9'') and suffered smallpox as a child (leaving Her face scarred). This was not lost on Nancy who it was said ''joked'' upon the fact that She ''disliked mirrors'' as a result. It was also rumored that Nancy was a Cousin of later famed Revolutionary War Hero and ''Father of Snipers'' – Daniel Morgan. She had a reputation as being a ''crack shot''.


Married nonetheless, Nancy sired (6) Sons and (2) Daughters. Moving to Northern Georgia by the time of The American Revolution, Nancy's ''story'' took root. A staunch ''Revolutionary'', one day – when Her Husband was away, a Group of (6) Loyalist Soldiers arrived at the Farm. Demanding food and shelter, Nancy obliged. While they ate, Nancy quietly removed their Rifles (save one). By the time it came to leave, the Soldiers realized the trap. Nancy raised a Rifle at one of the Men and ordered Him to remain still. When He approached Her, Nancy shot Him – dead. No doubt shocked, Nancy quietly and quickly reloaded and again ordered The Men to not try to leave. When another did, Nancy again fired – ending His life. The rest finally agreed.


Nancy's Husband and several neighbors finally arrived. While Her Husband wanted to ''shoot the rest'', Nancy suggested that they should be hung as Traitors to ''The Cause''. This was done. Later, the bodies were buried nearby. Soon the ''tale'' spread and Nancy became a ''Heroine''. Nancy's tale was ''added to'' to include Her serving as a Sniper and bushwacker of British Soldiers fool enough to patrol that portion of Northern Georgia. Nancy lived to the age of 90, having moved to Kentucky in the 1830s. To add more ''color'' to Her Legend, in 1912 – locals in Georgia ''found'' the shallow grave of (6) skeletons. (4) showed signs of having been hung!


The name ''Nancy Hart'' would soon become associated with Women who – wishing to support their Husbands and loved ones, formed ''Female Militias'' and ''fought'' in The American Civil War of the 1860s. One such Group The ''Nancy Harts'' formed in Georgia (again). Self-trained by studying ''Hardee's Book of Infantry Tactics'', they ''waited for their ''chance'' to engage Federal Forces as ''Snipers''. They never got their chance however and served as Nurses of Rebel Soldiers in various locations.