Mussolini Personal Standard

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By Crusader1307

Benito Mussolini, proclaimed himself Dictator of Italy in 1925. Prior to this, his Socialist Party (known as "The Black Shirts"), ruled as legal Prime Minister from 1922. Upon becoming absolute Ruler, Mussolini adopted his own Personal Colors. The Flag was a Blue Field, bordered by a Gold frame with extended to 1/4 of the Flags perimeter. Inside this. Centered - was a symbol of Ancient Roman Authority, The Fasces. Although adopted for his Personal identification as Dictator, Mussolini (still retaining his Title of Prime Minister, he used these Colors in that position as well. He used it from 1943 to 1946 - mostly in exile, in Bavaria, after he was ousted by his people. He would eventually return to Italy and be captured by Italian Freedom Fighters. Shot, Hung and his body mutilated - The Flag would disappear in 1945.