Middleham Castle

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By Crusader1307

Located in North Yorkshire, England – Middleham Castle was originally a Motte and Bailey Defensive System (9th Century), and was constructed of wood and Earth. By 1190 AD, it had been fairly renovated (as a Concentric Class) in stone. The Castle fell under control of The Neville Family, of which War of The Rose's ''Kingmaker” Robert Neville took possession and lived. By 1460 Neville's cousin The Duke of Gloucester, Richard also came to live at Middleham. King Edward IV was briefly imprisoned at Middleham as well. When The Duke of Gloucester became Richard III, he visited Middleham seldom. After his death at Bosworth, Middleham Castle fell to James I. He left the Castle fall into ruin. Slightly renovated by The English Civil War, it was garrisoned by both sides at one point. Much of the Castle remained in ruin thereafter. Well renovated (beginning in the 19th Century), Middleham Castle originally maintained both Dry and Wet Moats. The heavy use of protective Curtain Walls (13th Century) encircle the perimeter of The Castle. The primary structure is a Norman-style Keep with 2-levels. (3) surviving Square Towers remain. They were renovated in the 15th Century to support Artillery.