Malbork Castle

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By Crusader1307

Located in Malbork, Poland, this fortification is considered one of the largest Castles (by square feet), in The World. It is the official headquarters of The Teutonic Knights (a Medieval Military Order). Built after the conquest of Prussia in 1274, it was located on The Nogat River. Malbork Castle was built to resemble The Orders one time fortress in Acre (The Middle East). The entirety of the Fortress encompasses some 52-acres. Theoretically comprising of 3 “separate” castles, (High, Middle and Low).


Malbork also has multiple dry and wet Moats to supplement a perimeter defensive wall system roughly 4 times as large as Windsor Castle in England. Due to the Castle's location on The Nogat, a wide variety of trade and commerce was made available to The Order. The Castle was besieged in 1410 by victorious Lithuanian-Polish forces (after The Orders defeat at Grunwald). Malbork withstood the siege (but the surrounding City was razed). In the 15th Century, during The Thirteen Year War – The Order lost control of Malbork. The Castle fell under control of Poland's Royalty. Several generations of Polish Kings occupied Malbork.


The Castle went back to Polish control after it's Partition Treaty of 1722. During The Napoleonic Era, Prussian forces claimed Malbork as a symbol of National pride. Under them, Malbork served as a hospital and an arsenal. In the early 20th Century, the fortress served as a Naval Academy. During the rise of National Socialism, The Hitler Youth Corps. Used Malbork as their headquarters. Malbork suffered severe damage from Allied bombings during World War II. Since the end of World War II, Malbork has undergone many renovations and repairs. It is still a major tourist attraction.

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