Langley Chapel

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By Crusader1307

A rare glance into a typical 17th Century Anglican Rural Chapel, Langley Chapel is located near Shropshire, England. Rare in that very little has been renovated or modernized, since the Chapel was built in 1601. The Chapel was abandoned for use possible at the end of the 18th Century, Langley was actually built on top of a much older Medieval Church (of which little is known). The Chapel is constructed of cut and hand-placed Granite Stone. The rood is reinforced timber. All wood is original.


Likewise, it is one of the few Chapels or Churches to have all of it's original interiors – to include furniture, pews, etc. As stated, very little preservation was performed on the structure when it came under National Control in 1914.The vast majority of it's Prayer Books and related, are original as well. Langley Chapel is a unique ''window'' into the World of the 17th Century.