Japanese Gunboat ''Seta''

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By Crusader1307

The Imperial Japanese Gunboat ‘’Seta’’ was the namesake of The ‘’Seta’’-Class of Gunships deployed in occupied China, from the 1920s to 1930’s. Designed for low draught deployment, The ‘’Seta’’ was used along The Yangtze River. It’s primary mission was as an interdiction Vessel.
The ‘’Seta’’ was 184-feet in length with a40-foot Beam. It displaced close to 400-tons. (3) Steam Boilers propelled a (3) Shaft system which gave The “Seta” nearly 16-knots of speed. Crewed by 59 Men. She was armed with (2) 88mm Guns, (6) 7.7mm Machine Guns and (6) 25mm Auto Cannon. She assisted in the evacuation of 20,000 Japanese Civilians from Shanghai (1928). During World War II, The ‘’Seta’’ maintained it’s status as a  close Coastal Warship (despite being aged and repeatedly strafed by Allied Fighters).
After The War, The Republic of China’s Military maintained ‘’Seta’’ until 1949. She remained in Service until the 1960s when she was scrapped.