Japanese Battleship ''Yamato''

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The Premier Warship of The Imperial Japanese Navy, The "Yamato" was the namesake of The "Yamato"-Class of Battleships. Often debated with the likes of Germany's "Bismarck", The "Yamato" was claimed to be the largest Warship ever built. She displaced 72,000-tons and was 840-feet long. Her Beam measured 123-feet high. Her armor plating ranged from  16 to 26-inches throughout her hull and Super Structures  Propelled by 13 Kampon Boilers you feed her 4 massive Steam Engines, "Yamato" could achieve 27-mph (with some sources citing 35-mph). She had a 7,200-mile operational range. "Yamato" crewed 2,700 men.


This Vessel was armed with the largest Naval Guns ever mounted. (9) 18.1-inch Main Guns with a 30,000 yard range, were supplemented with (12 ) 6-inch Guns, (12) 5-inch Guns (24) 20mm Anti-Aircraft Guns and (4) 13mm Amti-Aircraft Cannon. "Yamato" could carry (4) Fliat/Reconnaissance Planes, and a Cargo hold which could carry up to 47 "collapsed" Fighters. Only 2 "Yamato"-Class Battleships were ever built. Built in 1937, she was in violation  of Japan's "Washington Treaty" which limited both Countries with the construction of only specific types of weapons. She was built in much secrecy and at different locations.


5 were planned, but the advent of Pearl Harbor diverted much of Japan's War material. "Yamato" became the Flagship of The IJN, during the pivotal Battle of Midway (1942). For safety, she did not engage buying the battle. Later deployed to Truk and Kure Naval Bases as protection, she was struck by an American Submarine Torpedo. Seriously damaged, but not sunk, "Yamato" was 6-months away in repairs. This "downtime" would be telling for the Japanese.


Sent to Leyte Gulf, her massive Guns were fired for the first and last time. She sunk The Aircraft Carrier USS "Gambier Bay" and The Destroyer USS "Johnston". Had it not been for a massed attacked by The US Navy, Leyte would have been lost  "Yamato" finally met her end in April of 1945. Made a "Number 1 Priority" with The US Navy, she was finally sunk during an Ariel assault of 300 American Fighters and Torpedo Bombers. All told, it took 11-Carriers to destroy her. Of the 2,400-men assigned in 1945, 1,435 perished.