Japanese Aichi E13A ''Jake'' Float Plane

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The Japanese  (like most other Naval Forces of The World of the 1930s-40s), developed and used Float Plane technology in their World War II operations. The Aichi E13A was considered one of their more reliable designs. Produced and implemented in 1941, over 1,500 were manufactured. The Allied Fighters nicknamed them "Jake". The Aichi waso 40-feet long with a 50-foot wingspan. Carrying 3 Crewmen, The Aichi was powered by a 14-cylinder Mitsubishi Kinsel Engine, capable of airspeeds of up to 193-mph. She had an Operational Ceiling of 29,000-feet. The Observer had access to a Rear Mounted, .303 Machine Gun. The Aichi was also capable of carrying up to 509-pounds of Munitions. 


Used on most Imperial Japanese Aircraft Darriers and some Battleships, they served a dual role of Reconnaissance and Anti-Submarine Hunter. Using a Double Pontoon  Float System for stabilization, she was most often "Winch Lowered" to Sea for take off (as opposed to Catapult Launch). The Aichi's claim to History, was that it was Class of Reconnaissance Plane used to Scout The US Naval assets stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii - before The Japanese Attack there on December 7th, 1941. The Aichi was also instrumental in trying to locate a reconstituted US Pacific Fleet during The Battle of Midway (1942). There were 7 variations of the Aichi built up to 1945. Only 100 were known to survive The War, with many being used by Regional Forces up to 1947.