Italian Macchi C200 ''Arrow'' Fighter

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By Crusader1307

Considered Italy's first "Modern" Fighter, The C-200 was known as "The Arrow". A good Air-to-Ground Fighter, it was designed in 1937 and deployed for combat in 1939. The C-200 was noted for it's good high speed performance, but was considered underpowered and underarmed. Using an air-cooled, 14-cylinder 570HP Engine, The "Arrow" had an airspeed of 300-mph. A single-seater Fighter, she was 27-feet long with a 34-foot wingspan. The operational ceiling was rated at 29,000 feet. Armament included twin 12.7mm Breda Machine Guns. The "Arrow" could be modified to carry up to 300-pounds of munitions. The C-200 served as Model for several variant Fighters. Deployed to Greece, France, North Africa and Russia as a member of the Axis Powers, 1,000 would be manufactured up to 1947.