Italian ''Francesco Carrcciolo'' Class Battleship

  • World War I
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By Crusader1307

The ''Francesco Carrcciolo''-Class was an Italian Battleship that was initially designed for service in World War I with The Royal Italian Navy. Construction had begun in 1914 with high cost over runs and constant work stoppages (shifting allocated materials tom other War efforts). As a result all (4) such Warships were never fully realized. Later, plans in the 1920s - called for the conversion of them (Hulls) into possible use as Aircraft Carriers, but these Plans as well - were never realized. The Washington Naval Treaty (of which Italy was a signatory) spelled the final ''death knell' for The Class. Several Hulls were sold to Commercial (Merchant) use or were scrapped for their iron.


The Class displaced 34,000-tons. Completed Hulls and Decks measured 700-feet with a Beam of 100-feet. (4) Steam Turbines ans (20) Boilers would have produced 78,000-KW. Her speed was projected at 12-mph. Armor plating was rated at between 2 and 15-inches from Hull to Superstructure. Slightly over 1,400 Officers and Men would have crewed The Class. Armament was to include – (4) 15-inch Main Guns, (12) 6-inch Guns, (8) 4-inch Guns and (12) 1.5-inch Guns.