Imperial German War Flag

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By Crusader1307

This German War Flag  (known as The Reichskriegflagge), was used by first The Navy fromy 1867 until 1892 - as their Ensign. In 1892, The Navy adopted a new Ensign, and their old Ensign became The Army War Flag. It was used until 1919. Adolph Hitler briefly adopted The War Flag in 1935, using it to design his own Party War Flag. 
The 1867 to 1919 version was a White Field. A Black Nordic Cross was placed off center, so as to quarter the Field. Centered on The Cross was a circular field with a Black Imperial Eagle. In the Upper Left Canton was featured the National Tricolor of Black, White and Red. Placed in the Center of the White Stripe was a Black Maltese Cross.
The second version  of The War Flag, used from 1919 to 1934, was identical to The World War One Flag with one exception. The Upper Left Canton featured the Black, Red and Gold Tricolor of The Weimar Republic.