HMS ''Agamemnon''

  • World War I
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By Crusader1307

One of (2) “Nelson” Class Battleships of The “Dreadnought” Era, HMS “Agamemnon” was a Royal Naval Warship launched in 1906. She was one of the last “Dreadnought” to be built by England. During World War I, “Agamemnon” served in The Mediterranean for the majority of Her Duties. She was placed on Reserve Duties in 1918 and remained as such until 1922 (when, due to The Washington Treaty) - “Agamemnon” was scrapped. The “Agamemnon” was 450-feet long and 80-feet tall (Beam). She displaced 17,000-Tons. Her Armor Plating was rated at between 1 and 14-Inches throughout. Crewed by 800, The “Agamemnon” was powered by (15) Boilers ans (2) Steam Turbines. She could achieve 12-mph.



Agamemnon” was armed with (2) 12-Inch Main Guns, (4) 9.3-Inch Guns, (24) 12-Pounder Guns and could support (5) 18-Inch Torpedoes.