Gun Yawl

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By Crusader1307

Gun Yawls were developed by Sweden and saw their greatest actions during The Seven Years War, Russo-Swedish War, Finnish War and finally Swedish-Norwegian War. All these engagements encompassed a series of long Wars last lasted from 1757 to 1814. Part of what was known as The ''Archipelago Fleet'', these were very small Gunboat-style Vessels that would serve for designs like The Gundalow. Very low draught, The Gun Yawl was a single Deck Vessel that was normally 15-feet long and 10-feet wide. They featured a very low or no Gunwhales (or Side Railing). Initially, these Ships had a single, retractable Mast – but mostly they were Oar powered.


The Gun Yawl supported 25-Infantry Men (not Sailors). In addition, A Gun Yawl supported am 8 to 10-Pound Forward Mounted Cannon (with some that could actually swivel for direction). Oarsmen were also expected to use Musket in support. The deployment of The Gun Yawls (or “Stern Chasers”, as they were also known as) – was to quickly close the distance with larger Warships before they could engage their obviously heavier Guns. They would attempt to damage The Stern as much as possible. Multiple Yawls were often used in this tactic. The Gun Yawls also were deployed as Coastal Interdiction Vessels and attacked Enemy Merchant Ships and defended against Pirate Attacks.