Grigsby California Mounted Rifles Guidon

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By Crusader1307

With California's declared independence, they (much as did Texas), form their own short lived Army. At one point, The “Grigsby Mounted Rifles” WERE the standing Army in California!. They identified themselves with a “Swallow-Tail” Guidon (somewhat longer than tradition versions). All White, a Red stripe ran the length of the bottom of the Banner. Featuring the iconic “Red Star” and Brown Bear (symbols of California's new-found Liberty), the Blazon above the Bear read “CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC”. Later, when American Forces under Commodore Sloat and General Kearney arrived to “liberate” the Colonists, this Guidon would be used by Colonel Jesse Fremont and “The California Battalion” (in their fights with remaining Mexican Army “holdouts”). Reputedly, the Guidon survived and made it into The American Civil War. The son of Colonel Grigsby “showed” it to famed Union General William Sherman (who remarked that it should go back to the People of California). It did and lasted until 1906 (when it was lost in the Great San Francisco Earthquake).