German Wound Badges

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By Crusader1307

Wound Badges were Awards issued to German soldiers who had received injuries from combat on the battlefield, during World War II. Although Germany had a Wound Badge prior to World War II, prior to the rise of The Nazi Party - the Badge was redone to reflect The German Party (from 1935 onward). These Badges (often called a Device), was worn on the breast pocket of the Uniform. There were no set of Regulations against Officers wearing them (although many did not). NCOs did wear them. There were 3 classifications of Wound Badges. The Badges were identified as Silver (1st Award), Bronze  (2nd Award) and Gold  (3rd Award). The highest color Gold was for multiple or consecutive awards. The overall design was oval, with an engraved wreath perimeter. Centered, was a Stahlhelm (Helmet), with The German Party Swastika insignia. The Helmet was placed over crossed Swords. The Wound Badge was issued up to Kate 1944 and was highly coveted by German soldiers.