German Light Crusier ''Emden''

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

Built within the confines of The Treaty of Versailles which severely limited German Navy re-armament after World War I, The ''Emden'' was the namesake (and only) Class of Light Cruiser. Although other Light Cruisers were envisioned by at first The Reichsmarine and later Kreigsmarine, Plan ''Z''s ''failure'' with The Hitler Government, limited further building (concentrating more on the larger Battleships).


''Emden'' was launched in 1925. She served initially as a Training Ship and Ported in both North and South America, East Asia and The Indian Ocean during Her early career. and was used as an ''Interdiction Vessel'' during The Spanish Civil War (1936). With the start of World War II in Europe, ''Emden'' was used as a Minelayer and also participated in the disaster that was The Invasion of Norway. ''Emden'' was damaged by a British Bomber.


She supported Operations against The Soviet Union when The German-Russian Treaty was breeched by Germany in 1941. Assigned later to The Baltic Fleet, ''Emden'' was sent Kiel for repairs. All throughout her work, she was bombed and sattacked by British Forces. Unable to be properly repaired, She was scuttled in 1945, with what was left of Her being scrapped in 1950.


''Emden'' was 508-feet long with a Beam of 45-feet. She displaced 6,000-tons and was powered Twin Steam Turbines which ran (10) Boilers. She could achieve 33-mph in open water. ''Emden'' crewed 400 Officers and Men.


Her Armor plating was rated at between 1.6 to 3.9-inches throughout Her Superstructure and Hull. She was armed with (8) 5-inch Main Guns, (3) 3-inch Guns and the ability to deploy (4) 20-inch Torpedoes.