German General Assault Badge

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By Crusader1307

he German Army General Assault Badge was an Award of Nazi Germany, during World War II. It was first instituted in 1940, with roughly 70,000 issues until declared obsolete in 1945. In addition to The Army, German Waffen-SS, Gestapo Units also could qualify for The Badge. Unlike The regular Infantry Assault Badge, The ''General Assault'' Badge was awarded to those Personnel who significantly assisted in an Assault (but were not directly assigned to and Infantry Unit).


Later, Artillery and Anti-Artillery Crews and Medical staff were authorized The Award. At least (3) Operations were required for The Award to be issued. Similar to many German Badges of The Era, the Device was an Oval Silver Wreath. Centered, was The German Eagle, clutching The Nazi Party insignia (Swastika). Below this, a single German ''Stick'' Grenade crossing an Infantry Rifle Bayonet. It was traditionally worn on the Lower Left Breast pocket.