German ''Close Combat'' Clasp

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By Crusader1307

Awarded during World War II (around 1942), by The German Army – The ''Close Combat'' Clasp was often seen by soldiers as being a ''higher Honor'' that the iconic ''German Iron Cross'' The Close Combat Clap was warded for having been engaged in ''close quarters, hand to hand combat with an Enemy''. Three Class were known to have existed. Gold, Silver and Bronze. Each was awarded for a progressively larger number of engagements, with Bronze (the lowest) – issued for (15) and the highest (Gold) being at least 50. The Clasp was worn on the Left Uniform Pocket of both the Dress and Fatigue Uniform. Both German Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS were awarded The Close Combat Clasp. It is estimated that close to 20 Million World War II Soldiers were awarded this combat honor. The Award was abandoned with The Fall of The Third Reich in 1945.