German Arado E-381 Jet Fighter

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By Crusader1307

The Arado E-381 was a proposed Jet Fighter (1942) which would have been classed as a ''Parasite'' Aircraft. Parasite Fighters were single piloted, smaller aircraft which were launched from a larger ''Mother'' Aircraft. The theory was relatively a new idea by World War II. The Imperial Japanese experimented with Parasite Aircraft, but he majority of these fell into the ''suicide fighter'' category. German Models were seen as resuable. The E-381 was designed to be a jet rocket that could be steered by a single Pilot. The Pilot had to lay on his stomach and look through a small forward facing window. With arms extended forward, He had a rudimentary steering ''stick'', which was to control elevation. A Heavy Aircraft Cannon (30mm) was mounted (inside and above). In theory, once launched from a larger Bomber, The E-381 presented a fast moving, small target which would be difficult for Allied Fighter Escorts to hit. Being fast, The E-381 would be able to inflict heavy damage to an Enemy Bomber. Upon completion of a Mission, when the Rocket fuel began to wane, The Pilot simply glided the Craft to a landing. The Arado E-381 eas 16-feet long with a wingspan of 15-feet. They were ti use the Walter HWK 109 Rocket Engine. This could give The Arado an airspeed of over 500-mph. Future versions were to include air to air rockets. By 1944, funding stopped before anything other than wooden training versions could be constructed.