German Arado Ar-196 Recon Plane

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The Arado Ar-196 Reconnaissance Plane, was a "Float Plane", or aircraft that could land and take off from water. Float Planes were first experimented with by most Nations with "Aircraft" assets at the start of World War I. Even with the advent of The Aircraft Carrier, Float Planes were seen as a "quick alternative" when a Battleship or Naval Combat Group needed immediate "eyes in the skies" intelligence. First built in 1938, The Arado entered into The German Kreigsmarine Service. A two-seater aircraft, she was 36-feet long with a 40-food wingspan. Powered by a BMW 9-cylinder Radial Engine, The Arado could achieve 193-mph. Her Operational Ceiling was 23,000-feet.


Excellent in maneuverability, The Arado was also unusually heavily armed. She carried (2) 7.92mm Machine Guns, (2) 20mm Cannon and (2) 110-pound Bombs. In addiction to Reconnaissance duties, The Arado doubled as a Submarine Hunter. Like most Float Planes, she used a double under carriage Pontoon system, with stabilized the airplane while floating on the water. Once throttled up, with unlimited space, The Arado could achieve height just as any other land-based craft. She could be winch lowered from the Deck of a Ship, or Catapult Launched, if necessary.


541 Arado's were built, and deployed to numerous ships in The German Navy. The infamous "Bismarck" Battleship carried 4 Arado Float Planes. Although over half were lost to The War (with production ending in 1944), many survived and were used by other Nations, after The War (with the last known flying as late as 1966 in