German ''Admiral Hipper'' - Class Heavy Cruiser

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

Another of The Plan ''Z'' planned Warships, The ''Admiral Hipper''-Class were (5) planned Heavy Cruisers planned to augment The German Kriegsmarine (Navy). Only (3) of The Class were built and deployed. The Class served from 1939 until the end of The War in 1945. Only (1) of Her Class was lost in The War.


The Class, named for The Commander of The German Fleet during The Battle of Jutland (1916), The Class was over 16,000-tons displaced. They were roughly 665-feet in length with Beams of 70-feet. Propulsion was provided by (3) Steam Turbines, which provided 32-mph on open Seas. Crew compliment was 1,400 Officers and Men.


Armor for The ''Admiral Hipper''-Class was rated at between 1 an 4-inches throughout Her Superstructure and Hull. Armament included (8) 8-inch Guns, (12) 4-inch Guns, (12) 1.5-inch Guns, (8) .79-inch Guns and the ability to deploy (12) 21-inch Torpedoes. The Class also supported up to (3) various Sea Recon Planes.