French Fouga CM-170 ''Magister'' Jet Trainer

  • Cold War
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By Crusader1307

Introduced in 1956, The French Fouga CM-170 ''Magister'' was the primary Advanced Jet Fighter used by The French Air Force. A reliable Trainer, it would serve as such for 10 years before being retired. Purchased by many Nations as both Trainer and as a Ground Support Attack Fighter. The ''Magister'' can still be found in use by Civilian Fliers throughout The World. A Twin Seater, The CM-170 is 33-feet in length with a wingspan of 40-feet. It uses Twin Turbomeca Turbojets, each capable of producing 880-INF of Thrust. Capable of airspeed of 440-mph, The CM-170 has an operational ceiling of 36,000-feet. When configured for Combat deployment, The CM-170 supports (2) 7.62mm Machine Guns (Nose Mounted) as well as 300-lbs of Munitions.