French ''Cuirasse'' - Class Battleship

  • World War I
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

These "Pre-Dreadnought"-Class Battleships were developed by The French Navy in the 1890s as a "bridge" between Ironclad and full steel Warships. The Class averaged around 11,000-tons displaced and were 118-feet long. They crewed around 200 men. They stood 30-feet tall. Although considered "small", they featured a 3-shaft, 4-cylinder vertical expanding steam engine, powered by Monday less that 20-boilers. Capable of 14,000HP, The "Cuirasse"-Class was able to achieve 18-knots. Armed with  (3) 12-inch Heavy Cannon, (10) 5-inch Guns, (20) Hotchkiss 47mm Auto-Cannon and 4 Torpedoes. The hull featured 14-inches of iron and steel plating, with an average 4-inches of plate on the Upper Decks and super structure. The "Cuirasse"-Class lasted in The French Navy until the early years of World War I in 1915.