French ''Cerbere'' - Class Ironclad

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By Crusader1307

An early French Naval Ironclad Warship design, The "Cerbere"-Class was developed in the mid-1850s. They were used as Coastal Defense and "Floating" Batteries. 3 were constructed and were deployed against the Russian Coast during the Crimean War. Steam powered, the single screw Ironclad also featured twin Mainmasts for Sail (in the event of anew engine malfunction. The "Cerbere"-Class of Ironclad were 390-tons and 143-feet long. They averaged 35-feet tall. Crewing 43-men, they were armed with (2) 7,000-pound Paxihan Guns. This gave "Cerbere"'s a 1,200 yard range (but were said to be effective up to 2-miles). Providing a lie profile on the water, they were protected by 4-inches of iron plate. On addition to their Coastal usage, they were featured with Naval Ram for collision attacks. The Class was rated at 4-miles per hour. The Class was not developed much past 1863.