French Battleship ''Paris''

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

The French Battleship ''Paris'', was a ''Courbet'' – Class Warship, built before World War I (1911). She saw only a protective/defensive role in that War for the larger ''Jean Bart'' Battleship. When sunk in 1914, ''Paris'' was detailed to blockade duties in The Adriatic Sea. Remaining a support vessel and participating in several Conflicts for French concerns (The Rif War of 1925), by the start of World War II, She was still a Support Warship. After The Battle for France (1940), ''Paris'' was evacuated along with the remains of The French Navy, to England. Hit by German Bombers several times, ''Paris'' would be repaired, but took on the role of Depot (Supply) and Barracks Ship. She would remain in that role until after The War. She was given to The Polish Navy, who retained Her until 1955. She was scrapped in 1956. ''Paris'' displaced 23,000-tons and was 545-feet long. Her Beam stood at 89-feet. Power was provided by (at first), (24) Boilers and later Twin Steam Turbines. Her speed was rated to 25-mph. Her Crew compliment was 1,100 Officers and Men. Armament included (6) 12-inch Main Guns, (22) 5-inch Guns, (4) 1-inch Guns and support for (4) 17-inch Torpedoes. Her Armor plated ranged from 1 to 10-inches throughout.