Free Kansas Flags

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By Crusader1307

Designed in 1856, The ''Free Kansas'' Flag was designed to shed light on the plight of The Territory of Kansas (then requesting admittance into The United States). As a ''Buffer'' Zone which bordered on both ''Free'' and ''Slave'' States, each respective ''side'' to the issue of Slavery and Emancipation - pushed their agendas. Territorial Representatives advanced their views thru both legal means and illegal ones to place their form of Government as a viable one. Northern Abolitionist and Slave Owners flooded Kansas Territory to ''colonize''. This began to manifest itself with open and lawless rebellion and raids by both sides. Many hundreds would die giving Kansas Territory the dubious nickname ''Bleeding Kansas''.


Political Parties often used ''defaced'' National Colors as Campaign Flags. The Territorial Debate for Kansas was seen as tied to what future US President Candidate would be elected (Pro-Slave or Pro-Emancipation). Several such Banners would be known as ''Bleeding Kansas'' Flags. One version used in Campaigns, was a traditional National US Flag - (Stars and Stripes). The Upper Canton featured 22 White Stars with a Single ''haphazard'' Star adjoining. Attached to The Star was the phrase ''Admit Me Free''. Presidential front runner Jesse Fremont (with his Running mate Dayton, who placed their names on this version), used a Flag featuring (3) Red Stripes and (3) White with a Upper Canton of White. A series of (12) Blue Stars with a Single (larger) one was placed (to represent the original Colonies). Both versions would quickly fade from public memory when The American Civil War erupted in 1861.