Flags of The Stuart Navy

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By Crusader1307

As we have seen with England's Tudor Dynasty, they incorporated their own Flags to identify their reigns (before the advent of The traditional National Colors - or Union Jack). With the death of Queen Elizabeth I without Heir, the Throne fell to her Cousin Mary's Son, James I. A Stuart, his new Dynasty abolished all Tudor emblems, and devised his own. As we have also seen, it was important that a Countries Navy was properly identified on the Seas. These then we're King James Naval Colors:


Devised in 1603, the first version of James Naval Squadron featured an Upper Left Canton with The Red Cross of St. George (emplaced somewhat larger than most versions). The Field was White. Next, the entirety of the Flag Field was comprised of James "Royal Colors" of 6 Blue Stripes, 5 Gold Stripes and 5 White Stripes.



By 1605, a variation of the 1st Squadron Flag came into being. This version wad similar to it's predecessor. A more traditional Cross of St. George wad installed in the Upper Left Canton. The Field which featured James Colors were redesigned to feature 10 Blue Stripes, 5 Gold and 5 White.



By 1620, another design was implemented. This version did away with the Stripes altogether. Now consisting of a Red Field, the Upper Left Canton featured a Blue Field with a Red Cross of St. George bordered in White. It was flown on all Stuart Ships (both Military and Commerce).



Last seen in 1625, this design was known as The Stuart Ensign. It was a Blue Field with a large superimposed Red Cross of St. George Cross bordered in White. It was essentially the Upper Canton of the 3rd Version. With James I death, Shops abandoned all previous versions for the British Squadron Flag design which began to feature the early versions of the current Jack.