Flag of The Kuban Cossack Battalion

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By Crusader1307

The Kuban faction of ''Russian'' Cossacks were open supporters of Nazi Germany at the start of World War II (1939). German envoys had promised to recognize their claim to separate from Communist Russia and establish their own Nation. As such, several Reigments of Cossack Supporters of The Waffen SS were created, the most well known being The 1st Kuban Cossack Battalion. The Battalion was formed in 1942 with Hitler's plans to violate his Treaty of non-aggression with Russian Leader Joseph Stalin, and invade Russia. The Battalion featured Infantry and Cavalry elements. The Kubans lived up to their reputation as ''blood thirsty'' and ''daring'' fighters against The Soviet Red Army. The Regiment fought mostly in The Russian Invasion and provided security to captured Red Army Soldiers. After Hitler's downfall at The Battle of Stalingrad, many of The Kuban Forces continued to fight The Red Army, but slowly began to disband without re-supply and support from Germany. After The War, Stalin initiated several ''revenge Purges'' against The Kuban. The official Unit Flag of The Kuban was a series of (4) triangles, arranged with (2) colored Red at the top of The Field, and (2) colored Black towards The Hoist and Fly. The image was similar to an elongated Black Widow Spider's ''Hourglass'' body coloring.