Flag of The CNS ''Alliance''

  • The American Revolution
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By Crusader1307

Before there “was” a United States Navy, there was a Continental Navy. The first “ship” so commissioned CNS (''Continental Naval Ship''), was The “Alliance”. She was a 36-Gun Frigate. She flew the now “traditional” Colors of the New Nation (based in part on The Bennington and Ross Flags). Featuring 13-Red and White Stripes, the “first” Stripe was made White (which was the only US Flag since that time to do so). It is not recorded as to why. The upper left Canton was a Field of Blue with 13-White, 5-Pointed Stars set in a Squared pattern (which was another short lived first, but would eventually become the norm). The CNS “Alliance” also was responsible for firing the “last shots” of The Revolutionary War.