Flag of The Azad Hind Legion

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By Crusader1307

Also known as The Free Indian Legion, The Azad Hind was a Regiment of Indian Expatriates and former British Prisoner of War, who were inducted into The German (Waffen SS) Army during World War II. Although not expressly supporters of Nazi Doctrine, they fought to ''liberate'' Indian from over a Century of British Colonial Rule (a fact of which Germany ''supported''). The Legion was formed in 1941 and training and equipped in Germany. It saw active service in North Africa and later Garrisoning various fortifications along the vaunted ''Atlantic Wall''. They also participated in covering The German retreat from France in 1944. After The War, survivors were captured and were to be placed on Trial from purported War Crimes. However, to try and ease tensions between a British ''Colonial Government'' (which still existed after The War) and as a way of appeasing The Indian populace, The Hind Trials never were advanced.


The Colors of The Azad Hind were based on the Tricolor of The Indian National Colors. These were (3) horizontal Lines of Gold, White and Green for The Field. Centered on The Field, in the White Bar, was a fully colored Tiger in a leaping stance. On the Gold Bar was placed the word ''AZAD'' with the Green Bar featuring the word ''HIND”.