Flag of Lt.-Colonel GA Custer

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By Crusader1307

Lt.-General George Armstrong Custer was a “colorful” figure from American History. Hero of The American Civil War, his courage was honored during the War with a Brevet (or Honorary) Rank of Major-General. After The War, Custer went West to “fight” Native Americans. Assigned to the now legendary 7th US Cavalry – he lead an ill-fated charge against The Sioux Nation – which will forever be known as “Custer's Last Stand” (Battle of The Little Big Horn, Montana/US). Although US Cavalry Units were identified with the standard “White and Red” Guidon, Custer's wife (Elizabeth), hand sewed this “Personal Guidon” when Custer was “promoted” to Major-General (during The War). Not uncommon for General Officers to have a Personal Flag, he carried this Guidon into his final battle. Made of Blue and Red silk, twin crossed Cavalry Sabers were centered into the standard “Swallow-Tail” design. The Guidon was apparently “taken” as a War Trophy by some enterprising Sioux Warrior, for it was never recovered (nor returned). It's whereabouts are unknown.