• Heraldry
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By Crusader1307

The Field is considered the main front portion of a Shield or Coat of Arms, upon which is place the symbolism (figures and shapes) called “Charges”. A Field may be plain or have color. Fields that are “broken” up into segments of quadrants are called “Parted Fields”. There are no less than 11 sub-catagories of Parted Fields:

  1. Quarterly

  2. Pale

  3. Fess

  4. Saltire

  5. Bend

  6. Bend Sinister

  7. Chevron

  8. Reversed Chevron

  9. Pairle

  10. Pairle Reversed

  11. Gyronny

Not all “Fields” are given all 11 symbols. Some may incorporate several Parted Fields (some not). Coloring is designed on trait and honor (as well as award).