Dux (Military)

  • Ancient Rome
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By Crusader1307

An Ancient Roman Title, which would eventually evolve into The Middle Ages Term of Nobility for "Duke", The Dux had various meanings throughout Roman mid to late History. Best translated to mean "Leader", in The Republic Era, it was a Military Commander who controlled any size of a Troop Formation. Rank was not a factor regarding a Dux. By the 3rd Century AD, a Dux was seen as an Administrative position, seen in use along with a Roman Governor. It could also be used as a higher Rank among other Roman Administrators. Also seen heavily in The Roman Army, during Imperial Times, "Standard" Bearers could also be awarded the Title of Dux (Cornicen, Imaginifers, etc). Roman Cavalry also adopted the Title briefly. The powers and authority of a Dux was based on his Position within The Army or Government.