''Die Gluckliche Zeit''

  • World War II
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By Crusader1307

Associated with World War II, The German phrase and ideology known as The ''First Happy Time'' is linked to The Kreigsmarine's very successful first months of Submarine Warfare (U-Boats) in The Atlantic Ocean. Overt (open) German U-Boat activities began in 1940 during The Battle of The Atlantic''.


With America still not committed to The European War, Great Britain suffered huge losses in War Materials and related Commerce on The High Seas. Over 150 early U-Boat Operatives in several large scale Missions took over 1.5 Million Tons in Shipping (sunk).


However, The ''First Happy Time'' was short lived. By 1941, with heavy losses within The Kreigsmarine (particularly The German Battleship ''Bismarck''), and the influx of American Naval Assets as a result of The Japanese Attack on The US Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii – which ushered The US into World War II) – The Kreigsmarine (also showing some success in U-Boat warfare from 1942 to 1945), never truly enjoyed similar numbers in battle.