Craignethan Castle

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By Crusader1307

Constructed above The Nethan River near Crossford, Scotland – Craignethan Castle was constructed as a fortified Manor/Castle. Construction began in 1455 with a mind given to Artillery. As a “Device Fort”, the Castle was a rectangular structure with an Inner and Outer Bailey System. Square Defensive Towers were reinforced to support early Artillery (of which 6 were constructed for this purpose). Caponiers were also constructed for additional firepower support.


The majority of the stone gun emplacements were designed to protect the River approaches. A Chapel, Great Hall and Keep – as well as Bakery, Armoury and other structures were added by the 1540s. The Lower Inner Ward defensive walls all featured Gun Loops as well. Craignethan Castle also served as a Prison for a time. Slighted in the 1640s – the Castle was never successfully ”tested” in battle. It fell back into Titled Ownership in the 1780s (but fell into ruin by the 19th Century). It fell under State Control in the late 1940s and was renovated as much as possible.