Confederate Revenue Service Flag

  • American Civil War
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By Crusader1307

The American Confederate Revenue Service (or Coast Guard), was a brief entity of The Confederacy in mid-1861, during The American Civil War. Modeled after The US Revenue Service, the primary goal was to protect the somewhat ''small'' Coastal defines of The Confederate South. The Confederate Navy was actually carved out of captured and former US Navy Vessels – many of which were taken when The Confederacy took over former US Ports and Shipyards. It did build some of it's Ships, but also had to rely on purchasing such Vessels from Foreign sources (France and England). With the tightening grip of The Union Naval Blockade, this option became difficult.


The Confederate Revenue Service only number (6) Vessels. Of these, most would become refitted and used as Blockade Runners and Privateers to ''run'' The Blockade. During it's brief existence, The CS Revenue Service Flag was a Tricolor of Blue, White and Red. In the Upper Left Canton (closest to the upper Hoist), showed a circular pattern of White Stars which represented each Confederate State. It flew for only (4) months.