Colonial New England Flag

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By Crusader1307

Sometimes referred to as “The Andros Flag”, it was first seen in The English Colonies of America around 1687. The Colonies of New Hampshire, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and Massachusetts – had “self-governed” themselves fairly effectively. However in 1687, England sent the first Governor to regulate what was known as “The Dominion”. This caused bitter hatred towards Edmund Andros (the new Magistrate). This flag was possibly his personal insignia of Office (and was probably used by his personal military guard). Featuring a white field, a maroon Cross bisected the entirety of the flag. The center of the Cross featured the Royal emblem of The King of England. This flag also featured in “The Glorious Revolution” (1688) – which removed Andros from power and broke up “The Dominon” in favor of separate, self-governing Colonies.