California ''Lone Star'' & ''Bear'' Flags

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By Crusader1307

California Colonists (both American and Mexican), lead an ill-fated revolt against Mexican Authority (the first) – in 1836 (possibly taking their lead from the success of Texas). The Colonists designed The Lone Star Flag as their first flag of independence. Although this first revolt was unsuccessful, The Lone Star Flag would be incorporated into the future California Bear Flag (when a 2nd revolt was staged in 1846). The Lone Star Flag featured an all white field with a large 5-pointed red star affixed to the center. The 1846 Bear Flag, was an all white field. A red horizontal border was placed at the bottom of the flag (running it's length). In the upper far quadrant (Canton), the Red Lone Star was affixed. Next to The Lone Star was an image of a California Brown Bear (native to California's mountains and forests). Below both was the wording “California Republic”. The Bear Flag had been re-designed (slightly) over the Centuries – but it is still used as the State Flag of California.