British Sopwith Gunbus Fighter

  • World War I
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By Crusader1307

The Sopwith ''Gunbus'' Fighter was used by The British Royal Flying Corps. and Royal Naval air Service during World War I. First deployed in 1914, The ''Gunbus'' (due to it's expense), only saw limited numbers produced (35 total). Their size and handling made them somewhat difficult to deploy and they saw only early usage in The War.


Crewed by (2), The Sopwith Gunbus was 33-feet in length with a Bi-Wing span of 50-feet. They were powered by a Single Sunbeam Crusader V-8 Engine, capable of 150-HP. Operational ceiling was given at 4,000-feet with an airspeed of 80-mph. The Gunbus could stay aloft for over 2-hours. Armament included (1) .303 Caliber Lewis Machine Gun (Forward Mounted with the capability of underwing mounted, hand released munitions. However, no versions were ever equipped as such. Most would be sold to The Greek Naval Air Service in 1916.