British Royal Army Brigade Commander Pennant

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By Crusader1307

Within The current British Royal Army, as with other related World Army Units of it's size and type – a Brigade is calculated at between 3,000 and 5,000 Soldiers of all Ranks. Similarly, such Brigades are commanded by a specific Officer Rank. In The British Army, a Brigade is normally commanded by a Brigadier General.


When ''in The Field'', He is identified by a specific Pennant to show His presence (activity) on The Field (regardless of combat or training status). Typically, The Brigade Commander's Pennant is a simple Blue Field in entirety – devoid of any other identifiers. This is seen as a means of maintaining a level of secrecy towards an Enemy (ie: Decapitation Strike). Typically, such Pennants are elongated triangular in shape, and are 3-feet in length and 2-feet in width.