British RFC Pennon

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By Crusader1307

The British Royal Flying Corps. Was formed in 1912 and was the predominate Air Branch of The British Royal Army during World War I. While it had it's own Branch Ensign, Grounded Squadrons used a primary Pennon (mini-Pennant) to identity The Flying Corps. Branch from it's Royal Naval Aviation Army as well as other Allied aircraft. A standard Pennon was roughly 3-feet in length. The Pennon Field was Green, split by a Light Blue Stripe. A single Red piping bisected both. The image of a RFC Pilot Wing insignia in full color was placed in dominance towards The Hoist. Towards The Fly or point, was the lettering ''RFC''. RFC Pennons were discontinued in 1918 when both The Royal Flying Corps. And Naval Branch merged to form The Royal Air Force.