British ML 3-Inch Mortar

  • World War II
  • Less than 1 min

By Crusader1307

Designed to replace The Stokes Mortar used by The British Army in World War I, The ML 3-inch Mortar was deployed in 1932 and would continue as the primary close Infantry support weapon for The British Army until 1966. The 4-foot tube was chambered to fire a 10-pound round of various fragmentation shells. Supported by Tripod and Tube Base, The ML weighed 115-pounds. Normally, 3 to 4 men were assigned to deploy the Piece. It had a minimum effective range of 1,600 yards. And a maximum of 2,600 yards. The ML 3-inch was very reliable and saw expense Service in all Theaters of Wold War II. Over 13,000 were produced, with many being used by Armies of other Nations.